Monday, December 21, 2009 80% off coupons offers coupons for purchase. For example, normally you can pay $10 for a $25 off a purchase of $35 with and 18% gratuity. So for about $26 you get a $35 meal for two. Each restaurant has its own conditions, but the deal I just mentioned is pretty common. Right now with the promo code SANTA you can receive 80% off the coupons so for example, I just got a coupon for 80 cents (normally $4) for $10 off a $20 meal at the local restaurant, The Thai Gem in Clovis. We're going out for my birthday :). Seems worth it to me. So enjoy the deal with some friends that are home for the holidays! Click HERE to check out restaurants and coupons available in your area, just don't forget the promo! The coupons are good for one year.

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