Friday, August 13, 2010

A Season of Yardsales

This post is dedicated to my sister Jen.

Summer is the season of yardsales. This is the community's opportunity to interact in a positive way and recycle/upcycle items. By participating in yardsales you save money, help others get rid of unwanted goods, and prevent waste (and lessen the impact on our landfills).

What are best items to get at yardsales? That's a matter of opinion. At this point in my life, clothing is my favorite. My mom, furniture probably. My sister loves getting books and large backyard toys for her kids. Furniture, electronics, antiques... it's up to you. Generally speaking yardsale prices are 10% of the original price. Obviously some items hold their value better than others and clothes are considerably less than 10%.

Now you might be thinking, I don't want to drive about aimlessly hoping I find a estate or yardsale with what I want.
You don't have to. Craigslist offers a garage sale section. You can read posts and plot your Saturday morning according to times, distance, and goods available. My sister went so far to plot each address on Google maps, planned her route, and printed it out. I generally pick a street, like Cedar, and drive north. It's up to you.
Since this weekend is the last before school starts, it's bound to be promising, so happy hunting!

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