Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thred-up Exchange Kids Clothing for shipping cost is a clothing exchange website that gives parents an opportunity to trade clothing for $13 medium flat rate box. So instead of donating clothing after a yardsale, you can take your gently used kids clothes, box them up and post them on the site. When someone picks your box, he/she pays for shipping. If you are receive a bad box, you can exchange it for another. They have harsh penalties for those you don't play nice (exchange icky clothes). Membership is free, however you can get a Pro account which allows you to see details of the boxes to chose from along with other features. With a regular box/membership you get the gender, size, tops or bottoms, and seasons. As long as you have sent as many boxes as you have received, you can cancel anytime. What a great way to give to others, and receive in return! So when your child grows out of his/her clothes you can ThredUP for a box in the size he/she needs! Click HERE for more information. Earn $3-$6 credit for building boxes for older children's clothing. You can earn Pro status through friend referrals as well.

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