Friday, March 16, 2012

Job Search Websites

In our economic climate, it is difficult to be college graduates without the careers to match our bills. So, I thought I would share the websites I've found while searching for job opportunities.
 These websites are local to Fresno.

Fresno Jobs
The Workforce Connection (job website list)
City of Fresno
City of Clovis
 Fresno County Library (job help and website list)
Clovis Unified, Central Unified Fresno Unified

There are many more, but these can get you started.

Consider as well that if you cannot find a job in the field you wish to work, volunteering or participating in internships can get you the experience you need to enter the field, sometimes the company you are working with will find you invaluable and hire you. Keep in mind now is the time that seasonal employers are hiring for summer jobs! Think Wild Water Adventures, Restaurants, Resorts etc. Check their company websites to see if they are hiring.

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