Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Central Valley Raw Food Group Free Meet Up May 12th

The Central Valley Raw Food Group includes individuals who want to discuss and share delicious recipes, heath issues, and energy. They have local "Meet-Up" gatherings in which they bring a set of utensils and raw, ideally fresh and organic meals to share with about 10 people. The next Meet-Up is May 12, 2012 at the Linkcare Activity Room from 4:30-7pm at 1734 W Shaw Ave. Fresno, 93711 (near Denny's).

The Central Valley Raw Food Group is a resource for like minded people to eat and live healthier. For more information click HERE or contact Leon at (559) 417-1151, via email

The flyer I pick up from the library also lists places to get fresh ingredients in Fresno which follows:

Your Garden!
Vineyard Farmer's Market (Blackstone and Shaw) and Manchester Mall Farmer's Market Fridays...You can see a list of on markets on the right side of my blog.

Whole Foods (Shaw near Palm)
Kristina's Heath Food Store (Barstow and First) and many other local markets
Fresh and Easy
Revive Cafe-the only gourmet raw food restaurant in the valley: 1807 N Broadway
Trader Joe's (Barstow and Blackstone)

Recommend movies include: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
                                                Forks over Knives

Leon Catchatoorian also leads a Free yoga class on Sundays at 12pm at Cary Park (Behind Macy's West near Fashion Fair Mall).

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