Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thred Up: Consignment Made Easy

Thred Up originally paired up parents to trade boxes of gently used clothes, but now it has become an affordable online consignment store! You can ship out your "like new" or "new" clothes (for free*) after requesting a Clean Out bag from Thred Up and the qualifying items will be sold and you will be compensated! Then with the new closet space for your growing child, you can shop online and fill up a bag to be shipped to you! Free shipping for orders over $40. Save on shipping and the hassle of combing through local stores for deals.

To view the standards for consignment clothing click HERE.

Visit ThredUP and join today and reduce your carbon footprint! Sign up for $5 off your first order!

*A $4.95 deposit is requested and returned to you when they receive your bag.

I wish I would have thought of this.


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