Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Salvation Army on Shaw and Villa 75% Children's Clothing on Thursdays

The Salvation Army on Shaw and Villa in Clovis has some great deals!
Tell your friends!

Seniors 55+ get 15% off every day with the exception of furniture, bed frames, and mattresses.

Tuesdays- Senior Day 25% off everything, 15% off everything for everyone else. (furniture, mattresses, and bed frames may be excluded)

Wednesdays- Clothing is 50% off

Thursdays-Children's clothing is 50% off

Fridays- Clothing is 50% off

Saturdays- bric-a-brac and clothing is 50% off

Super Saturdays- everything is 50% off and furniture, mattresses, and bed frames are 20% off

Happy Hunting!

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