Monday, June 23, 2014

J&K Farley Farms U-Pick

"We are opening June 21, 2014 with our fantastic U-PICK peaches! We will be open every day 7am-7pm until this variety is sold out. All fruit on our farm is 65cents/lb. Boxes and wagons are provided free of charge. Our picnic area is ready for your family and the petting zoo is getting more animals every day!"
From J&K Farley Farms facebook page.

J&K Farley Farms posted this the other day on facebook and I think it's really exciting! I have apricot jam still that I canned from last year and I've gobbled up all the jams my friend Heather made me from her u-pick adventures last year. I've always said one of the best reasons to live in the valley is all the ripe produce. So get out to those farms and farmers markets. Yes it's hot, but peaches from Save Mart or Costco will never compare to those right of the tree! Last year they were open until mid September.                

J&K Farley Farms
512 N 7th Ave
Kingsburg, California

For directions click HERE.

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