Saturday, January 16, 2016

Massive Clothing Clearance in January!

It's that time again! CLEARANCES!

January is the month of massive clearances, so try any clothing store you like and they will have prices 50%-70% off.

I stick to The Children's Place online. Sign up for their email list so you can follow their deals, their clothing sizes do run small but they have extended sizing slim-plus. When pants fall down to $8 and tops to $4 with free shipping, I stock up. Their clothes are the equivalent to Old Navy in quality.

Hurrah for hand-me-downs. Many of us have friends with children that can pass on the next size up  for your to grow into. Unfortunately, it's harder as your kids get older, there are those kids who just tear through all their clothing and shoes. That's why no one offers clothes hand-me-downs for sizes 3-8, it's because they are all ruined. Try Thred-up and thrift stores for the survivors.

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