Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fresno Connections

Take some time to go through the blog network and really look into what people are doing in Fresno. I don't have time to truly do anyone justice, but 31 Days of Fresno had a clever idea and it's worth seeing her month in Fresno and the insights she gained on her discoveries. "Also cool is Central Valley Moms. Part blog, part forum, part AWESOME, CV Moms is a way for moms in the valley to connect, share and get through this adventure called parenthood together." This quote is from day 26.

If you are 20 something and new to Fresno, check out Bored in Fresno. This Meet-Up group organizes activities for all Fresnans to get out and about and make new friends.

Click HERE to view the website of a local magazine called
Totts, Fresno's Lifestyle Magazine for Modern Moms.

With surprisingly little effort you can probably find a hobby group to meet your interests by searching Fresno blogs. Many of the best activities tend to be word of mouth in Fresno because it can be such a disjointed community. Google hobbies or activities with Fresno as a key word. Try it out. Hopefully you find people you connect with. I've found however, working through the blog network, through blogs that people follow or are connected to, is a more efficient way of finding related blogs.

For example, my husband and I were members of Central Valley Reefers, a group dedicated to nurturing healthy salt-water environments and fish tanks. We joined activities and swapped corals, and other aquatic life to help prevent the harvesting of ocean reefs. We even did a group trip to Monterrey Bay Aquarium a couple years ago and got a behind the scenes tour of some of the fish tanks.

Facebook and Myspace are also convenient ways to share and find out about activities from friends to keep in-the-know locally.

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