Friday, February 5, 2010

Fresno MultiFaith Exchange

The incredible diversity of Fresno is underestimated by many people who have grown up here. Because of the tendency of people to stick to their own patterns and friendships, we sometimes miss out on the social, cultural, and religious opportunities Fresno provides. It's natural to be drawn to people with similar beliefs, but often we learn the most about ourselves through interaction with others. We are social creatures.

Today I had the opportunity to learn about the Fresno MultiFaith Exchange from Cheryl Gardner, a member. This is not simply a non-denominational group, but a group of religious people representing world faiths and the many facets within religions. I don't know how to express what a valuable role this group must play within a community to bring together friendships and understanding between faiths that may not otherwise exist. Imagine what could be learned from a forum where you can openly go to the source, those who practice their faith.

If you are interested, meetings are held monthly.
The next meeting is

Sunday, February 21
Temple Beth Israel
6622 N. Maroa
(East side of street, south of Herndon)

Sunday March 21
Baha'i Faith
Baha'i Center of Fresno
2240 N, Angus (south of Clinton, east of Fresno St.)

Sunday April 18
Unitarian Universalist Church
2672 E. Alluvial(between Chestnut and Willow)

Sunday May 16
Sikh Faith
Nanak Sar Gurdwara
3038 S. Cherry (southeast corner of North and Cherry)
Both men and women wear head covering and remove shoes before entering the Gurdwara

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