Friday, July 23, 2010

Red Carpet Car Wash Deals

Red Carpet Car Wash in California's central valley offers some great deals. In Fresno, the Blackstone and Gettysburg Red Carpet offers a test only smog station and you can get a coupon online for a $39 smog test, and FREE full service "works" wash, a $27 value! So you pay less that a normal smog test and get your car washed and vacuumed. Along with online coupons you can enter a monthly drawing for 5 prizes that change every month, this next month the 1st prize is $400 cash! From what I understand all you have to do is sign up and check on the website to see the winners posted between the 1st and 5th of the month. Prizes have to be redeemed in person before the end of the month. Click HERE to see the Red Carpet Car Wash website.

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Jenna said...

A clean car is nice, so why stress about going to get it done. This company came to my work and did an awesome job.