Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Swim Lessons at your Pool by Sarah (me)

It's that time again: swim lessons! Try private lessons at your home in a pool that your child is familiar with. Ages 2 and up. Lessons cost $25 each and last 30 minutes. Specials for referrals, and parents who have siblings taking lessons. Payment options available. Send me an email if you are interested. Let's get those kiddos in the pool!

I am willing to travel if we get a group together; for example, I am planning on going to Auberry in early July (gas donations accepted).

Currently, I am tentatively scheduling lessons because the weather has been so cool. We need a couple days of 90 degree weather to warm the pool water; we don't want the little swimmers shivering while they are learning something new.

UPDATE: Looks like Thursday the 16th is our first day!


The Chicken Man's clan said...

Sarah,how should m sister in law get in contact with you? I don't see your number. I am not sure where I put your number.

Sarah G said...

Thanks Hillari, my number is (559) 977-6131.