Monday, August 8, 2011

Fossil Museum in Madera

So ever since I was little, I've loved dinosaurs. My mom still has this Brontosaurus (which unfortunately no longer exists, something about it having the wrong head) that I made in first grade that is fairly large and it's a miracle it didn't blow up in the kiln. It weighs practically ten pounds. Anyways, I really like paleontology, fossils and the like, and I had no clue that there is a Fossil Discovery Center located in Madera! What! How did I not know about this? Maybe since kids at school teased my by calling me Little Foot, and I let my dinosaur interests go underground, no one thought I would care. Well, today my father-in-law told me all about it after watching something on PBS so I thought I'd share.

Oh turns out it opened last October so maybe I'm not too far behind the times...

The center is open from 9am to 4pm, from Tuesday through Sunday. It is closed on holidays.

Admissions: Adults - $8
Seniors/Military - $6
Students - $4
Ages 3 and Under - Free
They encourage to ask about mock dig rates and scheduling.

The Fossil Discovery Center is located in Madera at 19450 Ave. 21 1/2, Chowchilla, CA. 93610
Call (559) 665-7107 for more information or to check the center out online click HERE.

What a great day/field trip! Now I don't think they have discovered any dinosaur bones, but Mammoths and Saber Tooth cats are nothing to mock! They even work with Fresno State and accept help from volunteers! The center is located in close proximity to the rich dig site. I'm constantly impressed with all the valley has to offer.

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