Monday, November 21, 2011

The Dollar Tree

Littlest Pet Shop made it to The Dollar Tree!

Don't forget you can buy these and the 99 Cent Store too! 

These have real swimsuit material.

The puzzles are great, we got some as party favors and my girls LOVE them.

So nostalgic.

For your preschooler.

For you Junior- SAT Vocab Flashcards anyone?

They have great stocking stuffers.

These pictures are from The Dollar Tree located at Champlain and Shepherd. My only caution with shopping at dollar stores in general, is be picky. I know it's easy to say, "But it's just a dollar." Then you find yourself at the register spending $40 that would have been better spent on a tricycle, rather than trinkets that might be destroyed in a week. So I suggest you give yourself a limit, and keep in mind quality over quantity. Not to chastise anyone, just a friendly suggestion, since we all are budget minded this time of year.

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