Saturday, November 5, 2011

Need Writing Help? English Tutoring by Sarah (me)

My mother is a retired teacher, and my whole life I have had the benefit of her shouting out grammar corrections when I speak. One the phone, if I said, "This is her," in response to someone wishing to speak to me, she would shout, "This is SHE!" across the house. I spent hours in her classroom after school reading and re-reading books bored to tears even though I knew them all already. As a result, I have been helping others with English since high school. (About 12 years) I've tutored all ages from 3-53 and especially enjoy teaching essay writing. (I was the outstanding political science graduate and Summa Cum Laude, [4.0 GPA])

This time of year many Seniors in high school are carefully composing their personal statements for colleges and universities around the country. 
If you are looking for some extra help and editing, I charge $20 to look over an essay, and $30 per hour to sit with your teenager and help them put together something that presents them well and makes them memorable.
You must think of these admissions officers like most readers: chained to a desk, in a hot room, under a bright light, with hundreds of essays to read. They maybe spent five minutes on your essay.
Make it easy on them, write an essay that will make them think, "Hey, I'd like to meet that person."

For tutoring in general, including phonics, SAT/ACT Prep, and more, my prices are about the same. I prefer to meet you in a library or at your home as long as other adults are present.
This includes the Fresno/Clovis/Auberry area.

Contact me via email fresnofrugalista at gmail dot com or call 559 977 6131.

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