Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 Frugal Ideas for Surviving Gift Giving

1. One Gift from Mom, One Gift from Dad, One Gift from Santa.
2. Have siblings design and create homemade gifts for each other. Necklaces, decorate gloves...
3. Bake: take orders of everyone's favorite dessert or cookie and make them.
4. Price Limits for Spouses- It's the thought that counts. Consider activities you enjoy together as gifts instead of material things. Memories last longer.
5. Consumable Gifts- especially great for young children that have too many toys already- drawing paper, activity books, crayons, pencils, pens, bubbles, paint, etc. (most of which can be found at the Dollar Tree/99 Cent Store or in $1 aisles)
6. Buy Year Around- January will have some killer "after holiday" clearance- think PJs
7. $10 White Elephant- our family favorite. USB flash drives, ReWritable CDs, Flashlights always popular.
8. Collectible Gifts- does your child collect The Littlest Pet Shop, or does your husband collect comics?
10. Follow a coupon blog or join a facebook group dedicated to saving money and sharing deals! Fresno Couponing or Fresno Frugal Finds.

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