Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Make Your Own Chore Charts

 So I've been wanting to make a chore chart for myself for a while, but it wasn't until my daughter had the idea of her own to have a chore list where she could earn "goodies" (Stickers, candy, tv time, sugary cereal) that I decided to finally do it. No one wants to crush an entrepreneurial spirit, so after looking at a few examples online I created my own.

Since my children vary in age, I decided that although some of the chores overlap, the assignments would not be one size fits all.

When designing your charts, make sure your tasks can be accomplished at any time. For example, Take Nap was a "chore" I had for my 3 year old, but that wasn't really a task she could just complete. She had lain for a few minutes hours before nap time and told me she was all done because she was all pumped to check it off.

We don't have a laminator, so I just used clear packing tape. You could also frame your chore chart. Whatever you choose it has to be something that you can check off and erase with dry/wet erase markers.

I used Microsoft Word and clicked the icon with the pencil of the four boxes at the top. When the tool box opened I clicked on the chart icon with the blue top on the far bottom left. From here you need to decide how may columns you need (8 for the 7 days of the week and 1 column for the chores) and rows (depends on the number of tasks you decide). Click OK and your chart should appear in your document. Put you mouse on the corner of the chart and you will get a arrow symbol that will allow you to stretch your chart larger. Then fill it out to your heart's desire. After print cover with tape. Don't forget to decorate!

We chose:

Make Bed
Clean Room
Take Out Trash
Clean Bathroom
Brush Teeth
Say Prayers
Clean Living Room

Other Tasks Might Be:

Learn Letters
Help With Dishes
Set Table
Sort Laundry

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