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Baby Essentials (no Wipe Warmers Included).

A Lovingly Compiled Suggested Registry composed by 3 Real Local Moms.

Ok, this is our suggestion. Register at 2 places, and register for everything at both places! Including the diapers and wipes and all that because you get 10% off of anything on your registry. The items listed and any accompanying advice come from the three of us.

Big Things - most big things aren't really super-necessary in the first 6 months. Here's a small list in order of priority. Register for all of it!!! Forget reviews, get what you like for the safety features you think are important. They're all safe enough for the kid or they wouldn't be on the market...

1) Car seat - required by law :)(infant seats are nice because you don't have to wake the baby up to get them out of the car for a few months to a year)

2) Stroller - usually, it's best to get a seat and stroller that go together, it makes it very simple to move the baby with this combo, but isn't absolutely necessary.

3) Bassinet - somewhere for the baby to sleep in your room with you (if you can't afford this, a drawer in your dresser will do just fine! Or a laundry basket even. They will never know the difference!)

4) Crib - definitely needed but not for a while - buy pieces of this over time till you need it (note, crib and toddler mattresses and bedding are exactly the same size)

5) Swing - if you don't get this as a gift, wait until you know if your kid will respond to it. For one of us, all of her kids needed it. For another one baby didn't like it at all, and the other loved it and wouldn't sleep for the first 2 months without it. You can always get one as a hand-me-down or borrow from a friend.

6) Changing table - certainly not a necessity. Changing a diaper can happen anywhere, especially if you get changing pads (see hygiene list below). You could get a dresser with a rail on top with a spot for a changing pad, BUT you'll be able to keep all the clothes you need for her in a single drawer until she's a year old. SO, not an urgent need.

Feedingy Foody Things and related supplies - pumping, bottles, all of the above

1) Breast Pump - Practically required if you (the mom) works at all. Whatever pump you get, it will work fine. Electric is most convenient, but get what works for you. You can wait a little bit for this since the baby will be taking everything you can dish out for the first few weeks. An expensive breast pump is usually only affordable if you'll have multiple kids, but people are often excited to help with this item. Again, register for it anyway so you can get the discount if needed.

2) Breast Pump accessories - make sure if you produce well, that you have the proper storage bags and bottles. Just the ones that match is fine. We agreed on the amounts you'd need of each thing
- 4 to 8 storage bags or bottles(I buy the 60 pack, but wait till you know how much milk you produce)
- 3-4oz bottles (for feeding permanently or just for feeding your breast milk.)
- 3-10oz bottles

3) Breast pads - leakage is inevitable. One breast pad is much like the other. It just needs to absorb what comes out that doesn't go in your baby's mouth. :) I bought the super cheap disposable ones in a big box. Works fine. Lasinoh has good ones if you constantly produce milk.

4) 1 Bottle brush - get one that has the nipple brush on the other end as well. A MUST have for bottle cleaning.

5) Nipple cream (lanolin) - take what you can get from the hospital. If they don't give you anything, get the cheap stuff. The active ingredient is the same in ALL of them.

6) 4 Pacifiers - get 2 different kinds to start. She may be picky, she may suck on everything that you put in her mouth. Binkies are SO according to preference.

7) Breast Feeding Pillow - Boppy is the popular brand. They're expensive. Someone could make you one for less money than they cost.  They are important for your back and shoulders when breast-feeding. You don't always have to, but breastfeeding when you're laying down is also great and keeps you from having to stay awake the whole time when feeding in the middle of the night, just have something to protect the sheets under you for the extra milk. (crib mattress pad/protector)

Hygiene and Poop Stuff - you DO NOT need the world, just a few staples, these are them.

1) Diaper Pail - you could always use plastic bags from the grocery store every time, but the cost of a diaper pail is low enough that it's worth the price for the convenience. In fact, the greatest diaper pail as far as we're all concerned is the Arm&Hammer brand diaper pail with the twisting top and blue insert bags. Worth every cent. You could keep that in the living room and it wouldn't stink (or just take out the trash all the time, newborn babies don't stink bad anyway).

2) Diapers - up until size 2 diapers, you want Pampers Swaddlers with the yellow stripe that turns blue when she pees. They hardly ever leak!!! And they're good for indicating if they've done their business, cause it ain't enough to tell all the time. After size 1 is over, Target brand is perfectly fine. Again, this was group consensus.

3) Wipes - get whatever kind at first, but if you want to stock up, get the sensitive skin ones. You never know what your kid will react to later, and they're all basically wet towels. They'll work. (Target brand also fine, I find Huggies irritates my babies.)

4) 4-6 Changing pads - somewhere to lay the kid when you're changing her, and to put in the bottom of her car seat, bassinet, etc to protect bedding and blankets from the blowout.

5) Butt Paste (actual brand name) - the regular strength Butt Paste is a little pricy but WELL WORTH THE COST. It will clear up anything - best out there.

6) Baby Wash - one medium size bottle will last you a year. Some recommend not bathing her until she's at least a month old! It seems strange, but it helps with educating her immune system. You have to wait until her umbilical cord comes off anyway, so just hang in there. Use wipes for all the crevices and if you want to bathe her, go ahead, but it definitely doesn't need to be every day.

7) Night Time Baby Lotion - the stuff with the lavender is great for putting babies to sleep.
8)Baby Tylenol - you can never have enough. It's prescribed at every vaccination appointment starting at the 2-week check up, so keep it stocked. They are saying now not to give them Tylenol until a little after they've received the shots so the vaccinations have full effect RUB THEIR LEGS WITH YOUR PALMS WHERE THEY GET THE SHOTS right away to prevent swelling and soreness.

9) Baby thermometer - try to avoid the rectum. There are some great forehead swipers out there that are accurate. Get that. If ever she's acting funky, this is the first thing the doctor will ask you about "Is she running a fever?" Know before you call the doctor.

Clothes, Linens N Things - clothes are over-rated for the first 2 months when you don't see anyone or go anywhere for a while. With that in mind, this is our essentials list. Be open to hand-me-downs.

1) Onesies, onesies, onesies! 2 per day for 2 weeks. Basic necessity. Register for an even amount - sizes all the way up to 6 months.

2) Warm jumpsuits, same amount as onesies - if you are due in the winter, you'll want her to be warm. For the first month, it's nice to have a few of the ones without actual legs. They're cozy.

3) 3-5 cute outfits or dresses - really only needed for church and special occasions

4) mittens and socks and caps - mittens so she doesn't scratch her face, socks and caps for warmth

5) 12-16 receiving blankets - more if you can afford them. Layer them for extra warmth, use as burp cloths, they're versatile and extremely handy for most baby situations and swaddling

6) same number of burp cloths - for the above mentioned reasons, they're just more specialized for barfing (I personally just use the receiving blankets as burp clothes too, just carry extra in the diaper bag)

7) 3-5 baby blankets or quilts - winter time you want to keep her snug :)

8)8) Diaper Bag - a nice-sized bag that will hold everything you need is an absolute necessity. Pick one you like, there is no right or wrong for this at all. You'll want space for bottles, clothes, diapers, and anything else you'll want to keep on hand when you're in public.

9) Nursing cover, or a light blanket will do, but the baby might try and pull it off and that can be NOT fun in public. If you sew, you can easily make your own super cute (or convince someone you know to make you one).

Don't Waste Your Money... on things like bottle warmers or wipes warmers. Warm or defrost milk by running it under the faucet in a large cup.

Hospital Advice
TAKE EVERYTHING YOU CAN FROM THE HOSPITAL!!!! You've paid for it and then some. Take the bed pads (for baby and mommy), the feminine products, the diapers, bulb syringes, nipple creams, etc. Get everything you possibly can from there if you're worried about budget.
This is the bare bones stuff, and I imagine we may have forgot some things. Keep in mind, everyone's experiences are different. You'll know what to do differently for you, so don't worry about knowing everything now. 

A Concise Shopping/Registry list is below.

Car Seat
Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail
Pampers Swaddlers
4-6 changing pads
Butt paste
Baby wash
Night time lotion
Baby tylenol
Baby thermometer
Breast Pump
4-8 storage bags or bottles
3 4oz bottles (Avent or Playtex is usually best and most economical)
3 10 oz bottles
Breast pads
Bottle brush
Nipple cream
4 pacifiers (2 different kinds, 2 each)
25-30 onesies
Warm jumpsuits
3-5 cute outfits or dresses (people will get an idea of your style for baby from you register for)
12-16 receiving blankets
12-16 burp cloths
Mittens, socks and caps
3-5 blankets or quilts (don't have to wash these as often if you have receiving blankets with you all the time)
Diaper bag
Nursing cover

Thanks Kristen and Jen!

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