Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Chosen Frozen Yogurt and Low Sensory Meeting with Santa

Direct from the Simpletix Chosen Frozen Yogurt Event description:

A visit to Santa at the local mall is a time-honored tradition for most families.  However, if your child has sensory issues or special needs of any kind, you know that the noise, lights, long lines, and crowds, make for a stressful outing.  

Chosen Yogurt is hosting a private event on Saturday, December 10th, beginning at 10 am for families with children who would benefit from a low-key meeting with Santa while enjoying some frozen yogurt! 

The 1 hour time slots are by reservation only and cost just $5 per family including a small cup of frozen yogurt for everyone! We will eliminate crowds, silence the music, lessen the choices, and increase the staffing to ensure a pleasant experience.  Story time, a simple craft, and a take-your-own photo opportunity will also be provided.

Get your Chosen Frozen Yogurt Tickets- $5 per family at simpletix.com

Chosen Frozen Yogurt is located on Chestnut near Shepherd

Phone: (559) 299-2595

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