Friday, January 8, 2010

Break the Barriers

I just wanted to take the time to say how much I appreciate the role that Break the Barriers Inc. plays in the Fresno area. It is an organization dedicated to providing an environment where each child, regardless of physical or mental challenges, can participate and perform in various activities including and foremost gymnastics, aquatics (including swim lessons), the Buddy Program, dance, day camps, health and fitness, martial arts, and sign language. They also provide free Wii fit and reading programs. Break the Barriers is a non-profit organization that provides affordable programs. (The most affordable that I know of in the Fresno area.)

For example for dance sessions once a week, 45 minutes long, lasting for 18 weeks, they charge $202.
Gymnastics sessions are one or two times a week, one hour sessions, on a monthly basis. They charge $45 per month for once and week, and $85 monthly for twice a week.

Another act of their love and support for the community involves the Secret Pocket Scholarship for needy families.

To contact Break the Barriers Inc. call 559-432-6292 or click HERE for their website and learn more about their organization.

BtheB is located on Cedar north of Teague.
9555 N Cedar Ave. Fresno, CA. 93720

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