Friday, January 22, 2010

Sierra Charter School

Sierra Charter School is a Western Association of Schools and Colleges Accredited school that offers a personalized independent study program for FREE. The school is public and K-12.
For information about the program in Fresno contact
490-4290 ext 0
or call toll free 877-490-4290

1931 N Fine, Fresno, CA. 93727 (Near Chestnut and McKinley)

"Sierra Charter School is dedicated to producing responsible, critical thinkers and lifleong learners with free public education that provides one-on-one attention with credentialed teachers and tutors. Sierra Charter School offers your child tutoring in math and reading along with homework support."

Click HERE for more information.

My girls are still too young to be attending school, but if anyone has experience with Sierra Charter School's program, I would be very interested to know. I think it might be a better resource for parents already or planning to home-school their children than the regular public school system since independent study is its main focus.

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