Friday, January 8, 2010

January Sales

Watch for those semi-annual sales this month (Victoria's Secret especially). Department stores usually have fantastic sales, generally up to 75% off, during January because they dump all their left-over clothing from the year before. Sadly, without Mervyns and Gottshalks in Fresno anymore, this leaves JCPenney's and Macy's as the major department stores. Still, stores like Old Navy and Target have sales worth braving the cold to mosey through the isles. A couple years ago, I scored a cashmere sweater originally $60 for about $6 at Old Navy in Riverpark. Even though most of us are stretched pretty thin after Christmas, most of these clothing deals are too good to miss (including formal wear like men's suits, cocktail dresses, and bridal attire).
January and February are generally the worst months for retail, so look for those sales and take advantage of them!

Don't ignore the Holiday items for sale, they are usually 75% off as well.

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