Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Report Vehicle Crimes Online or by Phone

SO, I love living in Fresno, but here comes my rant.
It doesn't matter where you live in Fresno, at some point someone will smash your window and steal something out of your car. The wealthier your neighborhood, your proximity to less wealthy neighborhoods, and having a car alarm will improve your chances of this not happening to you, but odds are while you are at work, school, or running errands, it will probably happen to you, it's just part of being a 500,000 population city.
When it does happen, PLEASE report it. Our apartments experience chronic break ins (product of living near Fresno State and Bulldog Lane) and I'm usually the only one to report it. The police do not respond to calls anymore, if you call they will call you back in about two days. You won't need to wait for anyone to file a report. So, call in and leave a message at 559-621-7000 the non-emergency number (or 911 if you forget) or you can report online. Click HERE to access the City of Fresno Report a Crime page. Click on FILE A CRIME REPORT NOW at the bottom then Vehicle Burglary on the next page and fill out the rest. Doing so will help the police department keep track of criminal activity and improve their awareness about your neighborhood. Your odds of getting a vehicle patrol to come by at night and "check in" improves if they know what is going on. Their presence over time will discourage burglars and the like, your neighborhood becomes safer. If you rent this also increases the odds of you getting more security, because you have a record of criminal activity.
Clearly, my car was broken into last night. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........
Normally we empty our car of all things valuable and leave in unlocked, but Sammy locked it last night, so we have a broken window now. Lame.
Update: The police department got back to me by email in about 20 minutes! I'm impressed!

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Darryl said...

I don't know if you've replaced your window yet or not, but since a window replacement is usually below the deductible amount on insurance plans, here's a coupon for you for All American Glass:

They do great work, (we broke the window on the back of our Durango last year) and are located over on Bullard and Blackstone next to the barstools store. :-)

Hope that helps!