Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Big Fresno Fair Fotech Deal

Fotech is a local photo imaging business. This year the are offering their 7th Annual "Shoot the Fair" contest. The deal is a non-refundable $15 entry fee that covers an 11x14 foam mounted print of your entry, 2 all day tickets to the Big Fresno Fair, and a free parking pass. This contest requires that you take your favorite or best digital photo from your day taken at the fair (this year) and submit it to Fotech at the Fine Arts and Photography building or you can email them when you get home at fotech@fotech, by the deadline Wednesday, October 13th. Judges independent of Fotech with vote on one category: sights, colors, and shapes of the fair on Thursday, October 14th.
First place prizes with $75 cash, a $75 gift certificate to Fotech, and a first place ribbon. Second prizes win $50 in cash. Third prizes earn $25.

Even if you no you're not really interested in the competition, you can always take a picture of the kids or the family to get mounted and you still got a great deal!!! You can pick up your submission at Fotech after the fair closes.

To participate, pick up an entry form on Fresno and Shaw in the Mission Village shopping center and mail it with a $15 check written to Fotech by September 28, 2011 to have your tickets returned by mail
. Address the envelope to:

Fotech "Shoot the Fair" 387 E Shaw Ave. Fresno CA 93710

A couple years ago, Sammy and I decided we weren't going to the fair so we didn't participate and we're kicking ourselves later because we went anyway and missed out on this great deal. Just make sure you have plenty of room on your camera's file for photos and a charged battery!

Call (559) 222-9393 for more information.

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