Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crazy Squirrel Game Store

If you aren't familiar with gaming stores in the valley, the Crazy Squirrel has been around about a year, maybe longer, but they are doing a great job in Fresno. Last weekend, my husband went their to play Magic, a card game, in a tournament and they gave out free cards in the form of Booster packs to play with. The Crazy Squirrel has board games, role playing, mini tactical games and more. The "game room" is a way to try out new games and get groups of people together for a night of fun. Entry fees are very affordable (usually $5) and they usually have promotions. For fees and a schedule check them out online by clicking on the link above.

Crazy Squirrel Game Store is located at
464 E Bullard Ave Ste 105
(559) 431-0188

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