Monday, September 26, 2011

Starfall Phonics and Early Reading

Starfall is a free phonics and reading website designed for 2-6 year-olds. It runs a flash program so even people with slower internet connections should be able to access it with ease (unlike Disney or Nick Jr. ugh those sites run so slowly...they always eventually freeze on my computer). I use Starfall as a learning tool for my kids. I work at Huntington Learning Center and see on a daily basis how important early literacy is for kids.
Starfall is great to pull up when you have a half hour or so and you can review the alphabet, read books word by word, or have them read to you. They have songs and sign language. Taylor loves the All About Me section under It's Fun to Read! where she can pick her hair color, age, favorite color, etc. She has learned to navigate the website on her own and that helps me not feel guilty when she needs to occupy herself. They also provide printable sheets, so if you wanted to use them for preschoolers, they are a great resource. Check out Starfall and bookmark it today!

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