Monday, January 2, 2012

Free Custom Internet Radio: Pandora

Pandora is a free internet radio station that allows you to customize your listening experience. Right now I am listening to "Justin Roberts (Children's) Radio Station." He's a children's rock singer. Love it. My husband has a "Justin Timberlake Radio Station." You can further customize your station by giving "thumbs down" or "thumbs up" to songs, which means they will be played less or more often. You can even skip songs, although this feature only allows so many "skips" per hour. If you enjoy certain artists that are unlikely to be played together, you can "add variety" to stations as well. I think I have a "Credence Clearwater Rival Station" that is combined with Jack Johnson and of course you can create genre based stations. There is limited advertising, but that's the only real downside. Check out Pandora and create an account today!

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