Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Retire Your Vehicle in Fresno

The State of California together with the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) has a program to reduce emissions by encouraging people to retire their older vehicles. There are certain requirements you must meet to receive $1000 or $1500 (for low income applicants) to retire your vehicle.  
If you want to retire your older vehicle you need to do the following.
1. Read through the requirements and fill out this Customer Assistance Program application.
If you are applying for the low income qualification, you need to show proof of income through paystubs, tax return, etc. The paperwork is really easy.

2.You can mail the form, but a response will take about 8-10 weeks or you can fax it from the Bureau of Automotive Repair office at 4152 W. Swift Ave., Suite 104 Fresno off of Golden State Bld. north of Ashlan near 99. and it will take 7-10 days.

3. You will receive a letter of approval in the mail which you need to take to Pick and Pull off of Jensen east 41 along with the title of your vehicle (pink slip), registration, and driver's license. 

4. Your vehicle must be able to drive to Pick and Pull under its own power, and don't forget to arrange a ride home.

Read the application for more information.
Hope this helps!
This was a great deal for us since Sammy's truck was not going to sell for $1500 and now we can invest that money into a newer vehicle.

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