Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Free or Low Cost Dental Work

Fresno has a couple dental hygiene and dental assisting programs that provide a service to the public. In order to train their students, these programs need volunteers to work on. This way, if you are willing, you can receive free cleanings, sealants, or x-rays under proper supervision, although some services include low cost fees (the rumor is $21 for x-rays and $15 for a cleaning at Fresno City College).
Fresno City College will forward your x-rays to your personal dentist, so this is one way to lower your costs if you don't have insurance. The Care Credit Program is a way to participate in a payment program of six months to a year without interest, or with interest for 24 months to 60 months. Medi-cal offers dental for children that qualify 17 years old and younger. Healthy Families has limited dental as well.

Fresno City College Dental Hygiene Program

San Joaquin Valley College Dental Hygiene Program

Care Credit Program
Call 800 365 8295 for more information.

Clinic at Poverello House - Fresno 

(559) 498-6988 

Free Medical and Dental Clinic Medical: Monday - Friday 12:45 PM until the last patient is seen or 5 PM. (Tickets are given to all those in line at 11:00 AM from the Contact Office) Dental: Varies monthly (Tickets are given to those in line at 6:45 AM) For more information contact Cecilia Lomeli (559) 442-4108.


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