Monday, January 10, 2011

10 Dollar Store Buys that ARE Worth it.

1. Pregnancy Test
(Yes, they do work. SO much better than spending $20)
2.Kids toothbrushes and toothpaste (both are normally name brand). 
3. Baking Sheets
(Just can't wash them in the dishwasher(they'll rust) and they discolor over time, but bake great cookies.)
4. Rubbing Alcohol
5. Hydrogen Peroxide
6. Foil Balloons (When you can't buy a bouquet, why not buy one to brighten someone's day?)
7. Gift bags, Wrapping paper, Invitations, Thank you cards.
8. Dora, Diego, Princess, Winnie the Pooh, small (disposable/party favors) children's toys
(card games and bubbles are best). 
9. Preschool Supplies: stickers, wall decor, etc.
10. Party supplies: paper cups, paper plates, napkins, streamer paper, tablecloths.

I'm sure most of you have stumbled upon these great finds on your own, I just wanted to share the items I mostly buy at the Dollar Store. Let me know what consistent finds you have found at The Dollar Store.
Many items might seem worth it, but aren't, and not just because of quality reasons. For example you have to measure things by the ounce, so that 12 oz of soap for a dollar is really more expensive per ounce than you would by in a larger size at almost any other store.


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