Saturday, January 29, 2011

SAT Prep: Huntington Learning Center

So it's that time again. The time where I get to be the town crier and warn all the parents of juniors in high school need to start their SAT prep. If you are planning for BYU then ACT prep (for some reason they are the only major colleges that expect the ACT).
I happened to work at Huntington Learning Center (so I'm obviously biased, just a heads up). Huntington provides SAT/ACT prep and in my experience when the students apply themselves, we generally see a 200 point increase or more. We work hard to teach all the fundamentals of math, grammar, and critical reading that are necessary for the SAT and will help the students the rest of their lives. Believe it or not but vocabulary is the secret weapon in assaulting the SAT. We do teach them a few tricks too to help with timing and other challenges that timed tests pose.
Huntington provides individualized instruction so your child will not get lost in the crowd including practice tests that are actually retired SAT tests. Additionally an individualized program is created to target your child's needs so we can focus on improving areas of weakness. If you would like to bring in your junior for a SAT diagnostic test and consultation, cut the $50 off coupon out of the Central California Parents Magazine (you can grab one in the office located at Champlain and Perrin) and come on in. You can also contact the Fresno Huntington at 434-2028.
Even if you do not choose Huntington Learning Center, now is the time to prepare, because if your child does not get the score you expect, you need time to prepare and retake. It seems the best timing is to take the test in June of their junior year and then October of their senior year otherwise any later and they could be missing application deadlines.

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