Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Woodward, Roeding, and Jensen Sports Complex Annual Park Pass

ACE Parking manages Woodward Park, Roeding Park, and the Jensen Sports Complex regarding parking. Now the best deal you can get if you are a family with little ones, is to purchase an annual park pass which goes by calendar year. This works best if you have a pass to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, because then every time you go you don't have to worrying about coming up with cash for the parking (and like any season pass, it pays for itself and you save money too). So now it the time to get your pass to get the most of your money. The cost for parking at Woodward has increased to $5 a car, even if you are a Fresno resident. My pass renewal is $30 this year so hopefully it remains the same for everyone else. So after 6 visits in the year, you are going to the park for free and all you have to do is scan your card when you drive up. You can use your pass with any car, so if you ride with a friend, that's okay. I love hopping on 41 and taking the kids to Woodward if I'm not up for the zoo, that way we get some sunshine and exercise and I feel frugal for using my parking pass. Happy kids, happy mom.

To contact ACE Parking call (559) 264-6422. 
There office is located downtown at 2125 Kern St. Fresno 93721
South of Tulare between Van Ness and M Street. Take the phone number with you, it was hard for me to find.

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