Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ashlan and First Walgreens Steals #2

So, the deal with the new opening and all was too sweet to not try out a second time.
My second case for couponing.
I went again today, picked up my free 8x10 (only for the Walgreens on First and Ashlan)and bought over $36 worth of products for $12.97 (with tax) and $5 in register rewards so it was like I spent $7.97.
I bought two kids toothbrushes on sale for $2.18 right away, so they cost 18 cents.

Granted, I used Sunday coupons from the last couple of weeks, a coupon from Herbal Essences for a free shampoo/conditioner for signing up as a fan on Facebook($3.50 off).
The November Walgreens coupons for Almay ($4 off), and Dawn dish soap in the insert
(99cents-25cents from Sunday paper.)

Almay products are buy one get one 50% off and they deduct $4 from both, so you pay about $3.75 for 2, or $1.88 each
I bought Nyquil and Dayquil 2/$9 with $3 in rewards, -$1.50 from the Sunday paper
Herbal Essences products 2/$7 with $2 in rewards. (which one was free)
The $3 off $10 came from the Grand Opening coupon only available at Walgreens on First and Ashlan.
I also used my $2 in register rewards from the last trip.

You can grab the Walgreens coupons when you walk in the door, or email me,, if you want to meet up(in Fresno), I have a couple extra.

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