Monday, November 2, 2009

Huntington Learning Center SAT Prep.

It's that time again, Juniors in high schools everywhere are considering which colleges they want to apply to and with funds at a low for everyone, schools included, the competition has heated up. I will make no pretense about being unbiased. I work at Huntington. I've been there since I graduated. Their SAT program is costly, but effective. I tell my students, there is a reason parents pay for this program, it works.
Huntington's SAT prep begins with a diagnostic evaluation. It costs $195
($75 off at the Fresno Huntington if you mention my blog)and the student takes a retired SAT test and we evaluate his or her strengths and weaknesses, including the essay portion. An individual prescription is created to meet the student's needs to help the student earn his or her target SAT score goals. On average students improve their SAT score 200 points. Huntington teachers have Bachelor's degrees, some are current elementary and high school teachers. I love teaching the SAT, it takes serious instruction and commitment because it is such an intense test. We go beyond tips and tricks, not only do we cover strategies on how to approach the questions, we teach critical reading, math, and writing in detail. If your student has trouble with noun-pronoun agreement, we will cover that grammar skill carefully. We focus on students' needs and go at their personal pace. What they learn for the SAT will stay with them through college. Give Huntington a call at 434-2028 or check out our website HERE

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