Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kearney Renaissance Faire

This weekend the Kearney Renaissance Faire will be taking place in Kearney Park in Southwest Fresno. Renaissance Fairs are popular in the Central Valley. Since Fresno City College no longer hosts a fair, the Kearney Faire is one of the best in Fresno. They actually have enough room for a joust along with the other attractions like archery, actors, dancers, jugglers, court intrigues etc. They will also be pitching pumpkins with a 15 foot catapult. The weather is supposed to clear up and be about 60 degrees. The fair will begin at 10am Saturday & Sunday, and end at dusk.
Admission is $9.
$8 for seniors and students.
Bring a donation of canned food and receive $1 off admission.
So bring out the kids, by some kettle corn, ice cream, and turkey legs. Buy the boys wooden swords and the girls fairy wings. It's a fun family event. Click HERE for details or call 392-0965

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