Monday, November 9, 2009

Cloth Diapers

There is a movement to get people to use cloth diapers again because of the green benefits and personal economical benefits. There are websites that offer the chance to borrow cloth diapers. So if you just want to try it out without investing in cloth diapers of your own just yet, here's your chance(You just have to get past the idea that someone else has used them. I'm sure they are heavily cleaned and sanitized before you get the diapers.)

I haven't tried this before, since I live in an apartment with pay-per-load washers, it didn't seem economical to use cloth diapers when I first considered it, however since my youngest is now over one, it might be worth a shot. I'll let you know if I try it.

Teeny Greenies offered these websites as resources for cloth diapering. I know many people swear by using cloth diapers and have had a good experience. Personally, I would need some help getting started.

*, - you can find free and cheap diapers listed here, you can also post "wanted" posts for diapers

*,, - websites specializing in used cloth diaper sales

* - offers an income based cloth diaper lending service via mail for a small shipping fee

* - a forum for giving away and trading cloth diapers -click HERE for more info.

There are also tutorials about how to make your own diapers. I'll post some links later.

On a similar note:
The Saint Agnes Medical Center runs the Holy Cross Center for Women. It is located near the Poverello House and provides services for women. They offer food, clothing, free diapers, laundry service, education, babysitting for the women while they are there and more. To learn more and to volunteer click HERE or call 559 237 3379. It may take a while before you are invited to volunteer. I applied months ago to work with ESL students and still have not been contacted.

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Melissa said...

that is wonderful that you are promoting using cloth! i have been cloth diapering my children for 5 years now, and love it! i've saved thousands of dollars on diapers at this point. i thought i would never do it because of the ick factor, but it's actually not bad at all! i use fuzzi bunz diapers which last for a long time and have snaps to close them. the best part about the new generation of cloth diapering? no more safety pins!