Monday, November 2, 2009

The BEST sales.

The best sales always occur after holidays and at the end of each season. Whenever a store needs to dump they're merchandise, it usually goes quick (especially Halloween candy for some reason). My favorite stores for clearance include Target and Old Navy. At the end of last winter I bought Taylor multiple long sleeved shirts a size big for this winter. Yes, she's wearing last year's fashions, but she's 3, who cares? I spent $1-$4 a shirt.
I learned this shopping savviness from my mom, we always bought our new swimsuits at the end of the summer. I didn't appreciate the wait then, just like getting shoes that were a little too big, but I appreciate the wisdom in it now.

PS. The Old Navy on Shaw near Villa or Minnewawa has baby and kids clothes.

Target regularly lowers it's clearance prices every Monday. So, if you are watching something, that is not worth it to you at $17, but will be at $6 just check on Mondays (hopefully no one else will snag it before you). I usually get Easter dresses this way (after Easter of course).

So right after posting this blog I went to Walgreens and Target.

First, is my case for couponing. Now granted it takes some energy, but with a Sunday newspaper and some help from other bloggers, you can put together some pretty good deals.

So Walgreens on First & Ashlan and Bethel & Jensen are having a grand openings this week. They are offering $3 off your purchase of $10 or more. I purchased everything in the picture Taylor is modeling (except the Mr. Potato Head) for $8.37, but when you factor in the $2 register rewards, then it was like spending $6.37. I miss a $1 coupon off the Herbal Essence product, so it could have been $5.37. The Halloween T-Shirt(for next year) was $2. They are also offering one free photo enlargement either size 5x7 or 8x10. If you are interested, I have some of the flyers and the November coupon book. Honestly, The Sassy Saver is more talented at this sort of thing. Check out her site HERE. She gives weekly updates on deals at drug stores, grocery stores, etc.

Now Target- disaster with hungry and tired kids, left my wallet in the car, then forgot the Capri-Sun box and had to run back in. Thanks to a tip from My Frugal Adventures, I was able to find possibly the last Halloween Themed Mr. Potato head in the Bullard store for $1.80 with tax! I used a coupon print out from after doing a survey that thankfully doesn't require you to purchase anything HERE for $2 off Mr. Potato head. The Jones soda were .75cents, and the cider $2.58, the pretzels were $3.99(which will be great to keep for snacks in the car). Of course everything Halloween is 50% off or more, but they will clean it up quickly, and we may see some things at the Goodwill, because Target tends to donate there (ironically some things cost more there than they did on clearance at Target).

So I share these two examples as a case for couponing and bargain shopping. It does take some effort, but with a little help from others we enjoy the savings!

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Anonymous said...

Is the new Walgreens at First and Ashlan? I could not find one at First and Shaw.